The global- and detailed interpretation of the obtained criteria, giving a practical
view what the yacht should be- and in a later stage, will be about.

Hull development

fast cruising yachts, based on the latest development in Mini 650-, Class 40- and IMOCA 60 hull designs

Stability calculations

Naval Architecture

Solid naval architectural calculations and diagrams are needed to give the neccessary underlaying basement for a succesful design and certification to CE- or other criteria. Check and re-check of weight, weightcontribution, hydrostatics, hydrodynamics and aerodynamics are processed by using advanced and specialised software programs such as for instance PIAS for the intact- and, if needed or […]

Boat construction


To design a boat is one thing, to build it another. We are able to provide the yard with adequate information about hull form, construction, metalsheet developments etc. and detailed parts such as a lifting keel or centreboard, deck- and and technical equipment, taking into account that all items on board have an effect on design, […]

yacht Interior Design

Interior Styling

Interior Design In a relatively small space as a sailing yacht, practicallity is a must, as seaworthyness of the interior lay-out is. But for the crew’s well being also the atmosphere of the boat’ living spaces is vital. Of course this is also a matter of taste, but we are aiming to make the interior look […]


For our rigging, we make strength calculations and ensure that they meet the regulations according to CE clasification or other Class associations FCY design guarantees an efficient rig design that performs well and is easy to handle. We also pay a lot of attention to a well thought through and ergonomic deck layout. Over the […]

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